CAFE & Daily Five

This year we are implementing the CAFE and Daily Five Literacy Program, which is gradually being introduced in classrooms. The Daily Five is a literacy block structure that fosters independence, stamina building, choice and a balance of learning experiences designed to engage all learners. The Daily Five has (you guessed it!) five components:

  1. Work on Writing
  2. Word Work
  3. Read to Self
  4. Read to Someone
  5. Listen to Reading

CAFEĀ is an acronym for the four main components of successful reading – Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary. Each component is supported by a number of reading strategies, which are displayed in classrooms on the CAFE menu. Explicit instruction for each strategy is facilitated by classroom teachers and children work on strategies that assist them to achieve their own personalised reading goals – at their specific point of need. More detailed information is available from classroom teachers and at