Environment Watch – A Visit to the Lake

Hello I am Marlie. On the 15th of August we were down at the Colac Lake. We saw lots of kinds of trees, including gum trees, pine trees and willow tree. I saw lots of different kinds of plants like dried grass, hakeas, fairy grass, daffodil, gazinias, oxalis weed, echium, lavender, daisys, bromiliads, pampas, scaiosa.. read more →

Winter Sport Report – St Mary’s & St Brendan’s

Football Report On Friday the 26th of August we versed St. Marys in winter sport at Colac West I played football and we lost because it was a difficult game. Everyone had great fun and we would like to thank Mr Wilson for coaching us. By Siobhan, Year 5     Soccer Report On the.. read more →

Living Safely with Pets

Last Tuesday we had a visit from Margaret and her dog Jordan (a Boxer). Together, Margaret and Jordan helped the Preps to Year Threes understand how to approach dogs in a variety of circumstances. Please scroll down to read reports from some of the students in Miss Menzies’ class and see some pictures. For more information.. read more →

PJ Day – Curl up with a Book

The whole school got involved for ‘Curl up in your PJs and Read’ day! It was fantastic to see so many children and adults celebrating the joys of reading in our ‘jammies’ we just hope no one sneakily curled up and went to sleep!! Scroll down to read about it in Zane’s words and to.. read more →

Wheelie Women – Bike Riding Education

Year 4/5 Bike Riding Yesterday Yr 4/5 and Yr 5/6 had the wheelwomen from the Amy Gillett Foundation come to teach us about bike riding in a safe manner and the correct use of a bike helmet as well. We learnt how to put on a helmet properly and that it must not be cracked.. read more →

Prep Session #1

On Friday we had a visit from our Preps who are starting at West in 2017. We had a great afternoon with some new and some familiar faces upstairs in Room 5! It was wonderful to meet some of our new families who will very soon be part of our community here at Colac West… read more →

Winter Sport vs CSWPS

On Friday the 5th of August, we had winter sport against Colac South West Primary School. Thomas and the girls played netball, it was a great day and everyone played fair. Our team had a great time and most of all, had fun. Our opponents were really strong but the main thing was that we.. read more →

Story Time Presented by the Year 4/5 Class!

Well, how lucky were we in the Foundation/Year One class to have some very special visitors on Wednesday afternoon! Mrs Jackson and her very talented writers from Year 4/5 came up to visit us and share their picture story books, which they had written, illustrated and published themselves. It is fair to say that the.. read more →

100 Days of School

This week in the Foundation and Year One classroom we celebrated our 100th day of school! It has been a weeklong celebration, with the children bringing in a collection of 100 items to show what 100 looks like, writing about all things 100 related, finding out what we can do in 100 seconds and of.. read more →

Dress up as your Hero Day

Our ‘Dress up as your Hero Day’ was a huge success with a range of creative and thoughtful costumes. We had firefighters, AFL footballers, doctors, people dressed up as their brothers, sisters, mums & dads plus a huge selection of Superheros as well and the list goes on… Thank you to the Junior School Council.. read more →