2016 – Mathematics Tabloid Morning with Rob Vingerhoets

Rob Vingerhoets, Mathematics Consultant, has been working with teachers at Colac West to assist with making maths dynamic and engaging for all students. This includes open-ended problem solving, hands-on activities and connecting maths in the classroom to real-life contexts. On Wednesday, Mr Vingerhoets lead a whole school tabloid morning where all children were put into mixed-age teams to compete for points in a morning that was filled with ‘aha!’ moments, maths mysteries and of course, FUN! We are all thrilled to have Rob on board and look forward to Mathematics at Colac West!

Challenges for the morning included making symmetrical and tessellating patterns, measuring out the length of the largest crocodile on record, estimating the circumference of a ball, lateral thinking puzzles and much more. A fantastic time was had by all.

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Dynamic! Hands-on! Open-Ended! Problem Solving! Engaging! Real Life Connections!


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