School Council

School Council is the policy making body for our school. It also has significant responsibilities in financial management, accountability and school review.

Although School Council provides significant support and direction and is responsible for forward planning, the responsibility for implementation, administration and management rest with the Principal, who is the Executive Officer for School Council.

Our school benefits from the efforts of a committed and positive School Council. There are six elected parent/carer members of Council and two co-opted members, (our Parents & Friends Representative and our Chaplain). Parents/carers may be elected for a one-year or two-year term. Co-opted membership is organised on an annual basis. Staff are represented by three members, elected by all staff.

School Council operates a sub-committee system. All Councillors participate in at least one sub-committee. Other members of the school community may be co-opted to a sub-committee as required. The current committees are:

• Finance • Buildings & Grounds • Curriculum & Policy • School Marketing

The committees meet regularly and provide written reports to School Council meetings.

School Council 2019

Principal: Emma Lamb

President: Andrew Cox

Katrina Hammond

Sarah Gray

Dianne Moore

Yasna Russell

Sharon Jacques

Toni Egan

Kristen Chambers

Daniel Borenstein