Vision & Values


Colac West seeks to develop a caring environment within a unified culture. Emphasis is placed on students reaching their full academic and social and emotional potential.

Colac West aims to:

  • Maximise the opportunities for all in the Colac West Community to accept the challenge of being Life Long Learners
  • Create an environment that fosters trust and respect and promotes the individual rights and qualities of all people
  • Work together to move forward and make a difference

Colac West:

  • Provides access to a breadth of Australian Curriculum experiences
  • Promotes excellence
  • Nurtures individuals
  • Promotes the social, emotional, physical and mental development of all students
  • Promotes enhanced self worth

This is achieved by:

  • Providing an environment that is safe and secure
  • Providing a cooperative environment, where students can share the responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and health
  • Extending students to their individual potential, by encouraging, recognising and rewarding achievement and effort
  • Providing access to new experiences & encouraging students to take on new challenges
  • Promoting the use and development of thinking skills (creative, constructive, critical) and actively promoting the development of Key Competencies
  • Establishing a visionary and supportive Consultative Committee
  • Developing a strong staff team with high morale
  • Actively engaging parents in their children’s education and other aspects of school life
  • Establishing strong links with the broader Colac community

Colac West is committed to developing autonomous learners who are:

  • Positive and display a confident attitude
  • Curious and are motivated to learn
  • Developing information and communication skills
  • Respectful of shared learning with others
  • Willing to take risks with their learning and decision making
  • Organised and able to structure their learning
  • Able to transfer skills and knowledge
  • Reflecting on what they learn and do


Environmental Context

Colac West Primary School is situated in the regional centre of Colac close to the centre of town and within walking distance to the botanic gardens and lake. Established in 1923, Colac West has a proud history. Our current enrolment as of February 2019 is 97 students. Our school vision is ‘Achieving success in a supportive, inclusive and stimulating learning environment’ and associated school values are: Respect, Courage, Resilience and Compassion. Colac West Primary School caters to a broad mix of families from a wide range of backgrounds and we promote and value inclusion.

Our staffing profile includes a range of experienced and early career teachers who share a passion for high levels of student learning and wellbeing. We enjoy valued support from an enthusiastic and committed School Council and Parents & Friends Association. Our community rate our school at the highest levels for teacher effectiveness and understanding; positive culture; and richness and diversity of programs.