Vision & Values


Colac West seeks to develop a caring environment within a unified culture. Emphasis is placed on students reaching their full academic and social and emotional potential.

Colac West aims to:

  • Maximise the opportunities for all in the Colac West Community to accept the challenge of being Life Long Learners
  • Create an environment that fosters trust and respect and promotes the individual rights and qualities of all people
  • Work together to move forward and make a difference

Colac West:

  • Provides access to a breadth of Australian Curriculum experiences
  • Promotes excellence
  • Nurtures individuals
  • Promotes the social, emotional, physical and mental development of all students
  • Promotes enhanced self worth

This is achieved by:

  • Providing an environment that is safe and secure
  • Providing a cooperative environment, where students can share the responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and health
  • Extending students to their individual potential, by encouraging, recognising and rewarding achievement and effort
  • Providing access to new experiences & encouraging students to take on new challenges
  • Promoting the use and development of thinking skills (creative, constructive, critical) and actively promoting the development of Key Competencies
  • Establishing a visionary and supportive Consultative Committee
  • Developing a strong staff team with high morale
  • Actively engaging parents in their children’s education and other aspects of school life
  • Establishing strong links with the broader Colac community

Colac West is committed to developing autonomous learners who are:

  • Positive and display a confident attitude
  • Curious and are motivated to learn
  • Developing information and communication skills
  • Respectful of shared learning with others
  • Willing to take risks with their learning and decision making
  • Organised and able to structure their learning
  • Able to transfer skills and knowledge
  • Reflecting on what they learn and do

Staff continue to work towards maximising our established ethos that has a learning focus. At the heart of this concept at Colac West Primary School lies a total commitment to the value of learning for all members.

Central to this is the concept that life long learning must become a core activity for both individuals and our organisation as a whole. Schools for the 21st century must become learning organisations or learning communities.

This means we accept the vision of our school as a Collaborative Learning Community:

  • Collaboration – working together for common goals, partnership, shared leadership, co-evolving and co-learning.
  • Learning – learning where students are actively demonstrating their understanding. Learning, that is based on conceptual understanding and the ability to apply this knowledge in a variety of contexts.
  • Community – a creation of unity through appreciating and celebrating diversity.

Collaborative Learning Communities help students learn the attitudes, knowledge and skills that benefit all in the community and community members become partners in facilitating and expanding the learning process.


  • Passion: We have a love and understanding of what we are doing in delivering the highest quality education for all students, instilling enthusiasm and excitement;
  • Professionalism: We will be professional in our dealings with other people, working in an ethical and personable manner;
  • Unity: We work together as a team in a supportive and respectful manner.

Environmental Context

Established in 1923, Colac West has a proud history. Recently, our learning spaces and community facilities were substantially improved by refurbishment. Our 12.4 equivalent full time staff comprise 2 Principal class, 6 teachers and 4.4 support staff. The Barwon South Western, Colac-Corangamite Network Office is located on-site and we provide financial/management services to Network staff. Recent demographic change has affected enrolments, but we remain a stable, friendly school with rich educational programs. We hold high expectations for all students and seek continuous school improvement. Our ongoing Netbook program has been acknowledged at the highest level. We maintain a calm, ordered learning environment that actively nurtures relationships and respect. Through equal emphasis on academic, social and emotional needs, we aim to foster robust citizens and life-long learners. We serve a broad mix of families from a wide range of backgrounds. The proportion of students from disadvantaged circumstances is increasing; as is the number of children enrolling with lower levels of school-readiness. Generally, the school is performing better than predicted given our students’ backgrounds. We continue to focus on improving Literacy and Numeracy as a National Partnership School for low socio-economic communities.We enjoy valued support from a committed School Council and Parents & Friends Association. Our community rate our school atthe highest levels for teacher effectiveness and understanding; positive culture; and richness and diversity of programs.