01 Sep 2016

Winter Sport Report – St Mary’s & St Brendan’s

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Football Report

On Friday the 26th of August we versed St. Marys in winter sport at Colac West I played football and we lost because it was a difficult game. Everyone had great fun and we would like to thank Mr Wilson for coaching us.

By Siobhan, Year 5



IMG_2016 IMG_2001

Soccer Report

On the Friday 26th of August we played St Marys primary school here at Colac West. It was a hard fought game and We lost one goal to eight but we had a great time. We would like to thank Mrs Jackson and Rob for umpiring the game.

By Lucy, Year 5

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Volley ball Report

On the 26th of august we played at Colac west against St Marys in volley ball. I played volley ball and we lost both rounds it was a hard game but we worked good as a team we would like to thank St Marys and the umpires.

By Tynan, Year 6

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