Colac West Primary School

Welcome to Colac West Primary School!

We are very proud of our wonderful school, students, staff and community. 

All our staff are committed to empowering respectful, responsible and resilient learnings who aspire to achieve their full potential.

Our school values encompass the behaviours and mindset represented in the following overarching expectations: 

Emma Lamb


Please call our school on 0352312479 for school tours, and visit Starting school | Victorian Government (  for more information and to download a Foundation (Prep) Enrolment Information pack. Alternatively, come in and see us!

CWPS Student Enrolment Form 2024.pdf

Our school community

Our School is nestled between the picturesque Lake Colac and the town centre, and is easily accessible by foot, bike, car and bus! 

We have a very strong community feel and a proud history in our town with many of our families having been at Colac West for generations.

In 2024 Colac West Primary School celebrates 100 years of providing quality primary education to our community and we look forward to continuing our contributions to current and future students of our school.

Our students maintain strong connections to Colac West long after they graduate and it is a privilege to be a part of students' learning, development and achievements during their time here at Colac West and into their future.